Feedback forms, Activity Sheets, Questionnaires...

In addition to the narrative, responsive nature of my performance and sculpture work, I've also been exploring the format of the traditional activity sheets and questionnaires, as a space for speculative writing. 

These have included asking for direct written or drawn responses to my exhibitions; offering new ways to engage with museum displays; prompts to aid time-wasting; and over-anaylysing the experience of studio visits.

I enjoy devising them in direct response to specific opportunities, here are some recent examples:

'Activity (& Inactivity) Sheet'

Inkjet print on double sided A4 paper. 2017

- Downloadable via the image above.

I was commissioned by the Museum of London to create two new works for their one day 'Festival of Radical Fun' that encouraged gallery visitors to explore the museum in new ways. Alongside four sessions of my 'An Introduction to Laughter Yoga' performance set amongst different museum displays I devised this take on the childrens' activity sheet but designed for any age to respond to. The various games are adapted from content in my larger 'Activity (& Inactivity) Book' that I'm always working on.

The ‘Activity (& Inactivity)…’ project examines the line between doing and not doing, productive and unproductive behaviour through invented or adapted graphic, text and drawing exercises. They are based on the format of kids activity books and adult colouring in books but also informed by research into hermits, isolation, retreating, introversion, mindfulness, and screen time addiction.

The sheet and book are both designed by myself using only Microsoft Word.

'That's As Maybe'

Folded A3 photocopied form

My contribution to the group exhibition 'The Complaining Body', curated by Manual Labours (Sophie Hope & Jenny Richards) at The Paltz Gallery, Birkbeck College, London. A four-sided feedback form to be completed whilst in the exhibition. Attempting to draw your attention to the various ways your mind and body respond to the experience of visiting an exhibition.

'Do You Want To Colour In This Question?'
A1 printed poster, 2021

Scanned and enlarged from a page of the draft 'Activity (& Inactivity) Book', this poster was left on my studio door over an Open Studios weekend along with a pot of pens, then completed by visitors young and old however they wished.

'Missing You Already' All Ages Activity (& Inactivity) Sheet.

Folded printed form, A3, 2021

Designed to accompany my solo exhibition 'Missing You Already!', to be completed at specially installed picnic tables in the middle of the gallery.

Studio Visit Feedback Form

Printed form, A4, 2016 onwards

An evolving document of pertinent questions, presented to guests to complete at the end of every studio visit. I pretend I need to go to the batheroom and leave them for a few minutes to complete it. These are then archived in my studio for personal reference.

Business Card

Double sided printed card, 5cm x 8cm. 2017, 2018