'Pages From an Opened Notepad in the Jewish Museum Shop' 2004

-12 Found drawings, each one 21 x 14.8cm (40 x 30 cm framed)

At the end of the Berlin museum's tour, after the last room dealing with the legacy of the Holocaust, visitors pass through the museum shop. A companion piece to my ‘Holocaust Tower - Now Available for Hire', these are the collected doodles left on a notepad as customers try out the branded pens and pencils. This particular notepad had the distinctive fractured outline of the museum footprint (which is also its logo) cut into every page.

I asked at the desk if I could take them and they said "of course" as they just saw them as trash. I then took every page that had a mark on and framed each one. Each time they are exhibited I arrange them in a different way, has a grid, line, pyramid, but always in relation to a corner or architectursl detail of the exhibition space.

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