Various Sculptures

Some other standalone projects from recent years, that also reflect my ongoing interests in artifice, process, value and connection.

Found branch, nails. 33 x 24 x 3cm, 2021

'Not Knowing'
Ongoing collection of birthday candles, dimensions variable. 2021

'Low Squat' and 'Static Lunge'
Beetroot juice, food colouring and Berrocca on paper in bespoke frame, wooden dowel, CT1 adhesive. Each 29 x 38 x 3cm, 2021

A pair of studies of isometric exercises - where the effort is in holding the pose rather than moving. Made in the first lockdown when I couldn't get to my studio, using kitchen cupboard pigments. The bespoke frames augmented with replicas of berrocca tablets, made from sliced broom handle.

'Questioning Adults (Vragende Volwassen) or What Object Would You Like To Own But Know That, For Whatever Reason, You Never Will? Whatever It Is I Will Remake It For You'
Cartridge paper & coloured pencil in frame, Carved balsa wood & enamel paints. 30cm x 24cm, 83cm x 60cm, 2007

Commission for the home of an architect couple and their family. I posed them the question in the title, which led them to choose the original Karel Appel painting from 1948, that I then meticulously reproduced, along with a hand cut facsimile of the shortlist they wrote on the back of a phone bill envelope.

'A Sculpture I Once Saw, Which I've Always liked, By An Artist I Can't Remember, Remade From My Written Description By Someone I've Never Met'

Sheet polystyrene, wall fixings, dimensions variable. 2013 - onwards 

Versions 2 and 3 pictured above, as part of A.R.Hopwood's 'False Memory Archive' exhibition, Exchange gallery, Penzance, 2013. A one page text I had written describing the sculpture, that I saw back in 2000, is passed onto a fabricator to interpret as best they can. There are currently four versions.

C-type print on aluminium, mounted on diasec. 26 x 35cm, 2008

Image of a coin drilled to approximate the ammount of its title. Finding one system within another.

'Popular Problems'

Ready-mix concrete, shot glass, mineral water, polystyrene, mirror, polycarbonate sheet, trunking, overflow pipe, roofing felt, lead flashing, copper pipe, plasterboard, ceramic tile, mdf, pine, steel, hammerite paint, aluminium, CT1 adhesive.

Each block 20x29x23cm, 10kg, 2010

Five attempts to remake an object I saw in a hardware shop that demonstrated the versatile uses of a new adhesive.

'The Apocralypse'

Framed poster (Picture frame, mirror, glass, printed acetate, aerosol paint, custom stickers) and website. 2012

An online project, hosting twenty two commissioned texts, in the form of promotional listings for fictional talks, screenings or performances. Each artist, writer or curator was invited to supply a description, image, date, time and entry fee for an entirely hypothetical event from their imagination. These were published one everyt weekday throughout July 2012. 

These fictional events were bookmarked by two real, live events: The talk 'An Introduction to The Apocralypse' at The Shawroom, London and a panel discussion, 'A Look Back at The Apocralypse' at Limoncello, London.

The project can still be viewed at