2Do List - (13/09/2021)

+ Bringing together elements of Laugher Yoga, activity books and Radical Essex into a one room display and a week of events. Including...

+ Building bespoke displays for naturist club cyanotypes out of scrap wood, recycled picture frames and heavy duty adhesive, influenced by domestic Art Deco furniture and aging bodies.

+ Can sunloungers be bodies themselves?

+ Handcrafting wooden berocca tablets to encrust around food colouring watercolours.

+ A Clueless Wordsearch on Participation and Absence.

+ Scaling up 10x a life drawing made without looking.

+ Compiling a demanding set of isometric (static) gym exercises to to enact whilst fielding audience questions.

Then also...

+ One final #WorldOfAnteriors watercolour, for a limited print edition, again raising money for Downright Excellent.

+ More international mentoring and advice conversations via Skype, as mentor and mentee.

+ Sauna Reading Groups #9,10,11...

+ More public Laughter Yoga sessions with .

+ Being Boiled/The Sauna Symposia

+ Sourcing a 1987 edition of the Los Angeles Yellow Pages

+ A Collection of my Collections

+ This year’s ‘Note’.

+ …