2Do List

2Do List - (17/01/2020)

+Preparations for Sauna Reading Groups #7 & #8.

+ Application for the Clowning course.

+ More carved, salvaged, flawed display solutions for archive of Naturist Cyanotypes.

+ More frames incorporating petrol money for Naturist Club mirrors.

+ Further configurations of 'An Ongoing Collection of Zero Candles'.

+ Laughter Yoga with the local Dementia group.

+ SketchUp layouts for hypothetical #aNaturistClubInEssex exhibition.

+ Honing the abstracted Miniten Thugs, in 1920s plywood.

+ More content for the ‘Activity (& Inactivity) Book’.


+ More indoor sunography with tanning lamp & home gym equipment.

+ More Introductions to Laughter Yoga

+ Sauna Reading Groups #9 & #10.

+ Naturism on Film / Acapella Soundtrack?

+ Third draft of #aNaturistClubInEssexMagazine

+ Being Boiled/The Sauna Symposia

+ 5th Version of ‘A Sculpture I Once Saw…’

+ Sourcing a 1987 edition of the Los Angeles Yellow Pages

+ A Collection of my Collections

+ This year’s ‘Note’.

+ …

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