2Do List - (27/04/2022)

+ A precarious, scrap wood, table-top sculpture of my co-opted monogram.

+ A large format watercolour of an isometric exercise, executed in beetroot, creme de menthe and berrocca. 

+ One final #WorldOfAnteriors watercolour, for a limited print edition, again raising money for Downright Excellent.

+ Sauna Reading Groups #9, 10, 11.

+ The next draft of my 'Activity (& Inactivity) Book, featuring colouring in, isometric exercises, a history of FAQs and sit-ins.

+ My own hand drawn versions of the familiar 'Desert Island' one panel New Yorker cartoon trope.

+ Laughter Yoga for a field of chickens.

+ More international mentoring and advice conversations via Skype, as mentor and mentee.

+ Being Boiled/The Sauna Symposium

+ Sourcing a 1987 edition of the Los Angeles Yellow Pages

+ A Collection of my Collections

+ This year’s ‘Note’.

+ …