'1.234p (ACAB)', 2008

-C-type prints on Dibond facemounted on Plexiglass

An English two pence coin, drilled to remove the ammount that might reduce it to being a 1.234p coin = finding one system inside another. The drilled also revealing that these days our small change is only plated in copper, covering the shiny agregate underneath, already rusting in it's recent exposure to air. These three photographs are the only coins that survived the process whilst keeping their shape, then photographed with a macro lens..

Above: Detail of '1.234p (ACAB) #1'

Above: '1.234p (ACAB) #2'

Above: 1.234p (ACAB) #3'

(Above: The photographs are presented as C-type prints on dibond facemounted on plexiglass with an aluminium support, giving them a sense of material depth.)

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