Popular Problems, 2010

-Ready-mix concrete, shot glass, mineral water, polystyrene, mirror, polycarbonate sheet, trunking, overflow pipe, roofing felt, lead flashing, copper pipe, plasterboard, ceramic tile, mdf, pine, steel, hammerite paint, aluminium, CT1 adhesive.

Each block 20x29x23cm, 10kg

This is a series of five sculptures, each one an attempt by me to remake an object I  always used to see on the floor of my local independant hardware shop. It was used to demonstrate the variety of ways you could use a new adhesive, strongly joining various materials to each other. I was always drawn to it as an inert object with it's own internal logic, and as a modest presentation of all the various materials available to work with. I had intially asked if i could buy it but when I was turned down the idea to remake it cae in, and then if doing it once, why not repeat that again and again, sourcing each exact material (annoyingly not stocked in the hardware shop) and cutting them to the approximate shape.

(Above: The original demonstration block in situ in the hardware shop.)