Activity & Inactivity Sheet

'Activity (& Inactivity) Sheet', 2017'

-Double sided A4 paper, edition of 400.

As a tester of my forthcoming ‘Activity (& Inactivity) Book’ I was comissioned to adapt some of the content into an ‘Activity (& Inactivity) Sheet’ for the Museum of London’s ‘Festival of Radical Fun’.

Placed in the Reception, Cafés and Restrooms of the Museum they offered various puzzles and propositions based around the consequences of pausing, detaching or switching off. The ‘Activity (& Inactivity)…’ project examines the line between doing and not doing, productive and unproductive behaviour through invented or adapted graphic, text and drawing exercises.

They are based on the format of kids activity books and adult colouring in books but also informed by research into hermits, isolation, retreating, introversion, mindfulness, screen time addiction.

The Sheet and Book are both designed by myself using Microsoft Word.

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