Sociable Hermit, 2015

-Exhibition of residency projects, The Edge, University of Bath, UK

Above: 'Sociable Hermit' installation view (photo Anna Barclay)

Exhibition of residency projects, all works 2015

An installation of the twelve or more projects undertaken on my year and half residency with ICIA at the University of Bath. Shown at 'The Edge', University of Bath, UK

Visiting once a month since summer 2013, I had negotiated a completely open brief for the residency. My focus quickly becoming the potentials of the campus itself, and my performative role as residency artist. I also wanted to prioritise the residency time as a space for experimentation, error, following my nose, finding a function, resisting any need for resolutions, and generally chatting to people about things I didn't understand.My output during that time included numerous talks, a series of prints, photos from the University archives, my own mundane photographs of campus, an outsourced sculpture, co-opted furniture, a series of audience feedback forms, and a video trailer for a failed collaboration with architecture students. 'Sociable Hermit' was a chance to use the exhibition making process as a continuation of this open-ended residency activity.This was also accompanied by 'Advanced Retreating', a symposium on Artists in Residence featuring talks, discussion, audience survey technilogy and excercises.