Mirrors From Somewhere Else, 2011 onwards

-Various Mirrors

An ongoing series that began with this first mirror, commissioned for my solo retrospective exhibition at Plymouth Arts Centre. This mirror was removed from my parent's house for the duration of the exhibition.

Each mirror, as the title suggests, is sourced from another location, where it would have been selected by another person for use in that original place. I then contrive to remove it to a new location for a certain amount of time.

The project is derived from an instance where I visited the Bleak House Museum in Broadstairs UK and a mirror was identified with the label 'Charles Dickens used to look in this mirror'.

(Above: 'Mirrors From Somewhere Else #2,3,4,5 (For PS11)'

This next set of mirrors were collected for my contribution to a group show at Project Space 11 in Plymouth, where each artists was given a budget of £17.10. These four mirrors were sourced from a local Doll's house funiture shop.

(Above: 'Mirrors From Somewhere Else #6,7,8 (Maintenace)', 2014

These three mirrors were used in my exhibition 'Sociable Hermit' that ended my residency at The University of Bath. I went to the University maintenenace department and picked one of every mirror they can supply. These three different sizes are for bathrooms, laboratories or offices, the size requested depending on need. They were borrowed using the usual procedures and returned to the stores after the exhibition had finished.