Various Brackets, 2008 onwards

-Various materials

An ongoing series of small sculptures. The 'Brackets' are all painstakingly constructed from wood, glue and modelmakers paint, designed to resemble hastily constructed, utilitarian, welded metal brackets, for indeterminate function. Above and below, series of ten made for the Show 'Hermits and Reliable Artists', with David Blamey at Division of Labour, London, 2015.

I start with wooden offcuts then build up the structure intuitively, using epoxy resin and hot melt glue to give the effect of poor welding, they are thenhastily painted with car paints then slowly overpainted with modelmakers enamel to add chips, scratched and rust spots.

In contrast to my more responsive, conversational works these are made in the isloation of the studio, taking many weeks to incrementally complete, although have something in common with my interest in connection, function and plausible fiction.

The Brackets as somewhere between a forgery, fake and a theatrical prop. They're designed to resemble an urgently constructed, home-made adaptation, perhaps knocked up in a garage or shed from scraps of metal, then well-used for some time. They are also a way for me as a narrative, conceptual, process-based artist to explore the minefield of abstraction and colour in sculpture.

They are designed to have no correct orientation so can be placed or presented any way up. They are never shown on plinths, instead usually on furnitire or existing architecture.

They are purposefully tactile and designed to be handled. This also reveals their weight being only a fraction of what you might expect.

Each time one is exhibited I add a few more rust and weathering markings, sometimes making additions to the structure or overall colour, as if they are continuing to have a use or function in time.

I have returned to making the brackets a number of times in recent years, as individual pieces or as components of larger projects. Above is a Bracket made to sit amongst other props within my exhibition "it must be told" at Enclave, London in 2014.

Above: 'Large Bracket' 2008,, made for the exhibition 'Apartment' curated by Brian Chalkley and Lewis Amar in an abandoned flat in the east end of London

Above: The first Brackets I made, for my solo exhibtion 'Tree Hugger' that ended an artist residency with Platform gallery in Finland in 2004.

Above: 'Relaunch Announcement Sculpture'. This time the Bracket had an overtly decriptive function, but still didn't make total sense.