That's As Maybe, 2016

-Four page photocopied feedback form, A3 folded. pens

After seeing the feedback forms I have been devising for some recent solo exhibitions and studio visits I was commissioned by Manual Labours.

(Dr Sophie Hope & Jenny Richards) to produce one as part of their exhibition 'The Complaining Body' at The Peltz Gallery, Birkbeck College, London.

In keeping with the themes of the exhibition it examines our personal and physical responses to complaining but also more generally the feelings involved in experiencing any exhibition. It has particular focus on the viewer's heightened awareness of themselves, their feelings and bodies as they experience moving around the exhibition, both the demands it places on you and the expectations you have of it.

My feedback form works adapt this dry bureaucracy to bring out it's inherent neediness, humanity and arms-length efforts to quanitify real experience. To me they seem an potent format to examine reflexivity, deferred interaction, audience attention, our perception of our own responses, and a chance to utilise the repeated, open-ended question format as a mode of artist's writing.

The data collected in the forms is not designed to be collated or processed in any way, rather each one displays the evidence of a short conversation between writer and respondant.

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